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    Moroccan Mineral - Dark Self-Tanning LotionAction: It is dark, deep and undeniable realistic - and you don't have to travel to Morocco to get this sexy chocolate tan. Easy-to-apply and quick-to-dry, this self-tanning lotion glides onto skin effortlessly, revealing an instant caramel-kissed glow. A rich, brown sunless tan develops in just 6 hours and lasts for days longer than the leading self-tanning lotions. Key Ingredients:DHA Jojoba OilVitamin E OilSafflower OilHydrating Lipid Complex for Superior Hydration Benefits: Moroccan Mineral Dark Self-Tanning Lotion uses a combination of DHA and select hydrating botanicals, moisturizers and antioxidants to ensure a streak-free, long lasting sunless tan that looks incredibly realistic. - Advanced color guide 'sets' when dry for little to no rub-off.- Smells like freshly crushed almonds sprinkled with sugar crystals, develops without offensive tan 'odor'. - Blends on easily, dries in minutes.- Deep, creamy brown results.- Color typically lasts 7+ days with just 1 application.Directions: Always apply with gloved hands to avoid staining palms. For best results, apply to exfoliated, clean, dry skin. Try the Extended Vacation Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub! Apply Caribbean Smoothie Body Cream or a rich moisturizer to bendable areas (knees, elbows, hands & feet). Blend Moroccan Mineral Self Tanner into the skin quickly and thoroughly, spreading in a circular motion covering all areas. Allow product to dry completely before dressing. May stain light hair, wool or synthetic materials. Self-Tanning color begins to develop in just a few hours, and fades like a natural tan within 7 days. To maintain color, reapply every few days as desired or use the Extended Vacation Ultimate Tan Refreshment to boost your tan's color up a notch. For maximum beauty, use Extended Vacation's Sunless Body Care System. Size: 6 oz.

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