• Moth Away - Herbal Box 24 sachets

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    Moth Away Sachets are an all natural way to repel moths. Moth Away repels moths by utilizing a unique herbal formula of peppermint, rosemary, thyme, and cloves.  No chemicals!
    72 - herbal sachets (2.0g/sachet) Total net weight 144g.
    Can be used in all types of enclosed storage:
        Garment Bags
        Storage Chests
        Linen Closets
        Blanket Bags
    **Not designed for use in open air storage areas (i.e. shelves and closets)
    Directions for use:  Apply at a rate of 4 grams per cubic foot of storage space.  Two of the enclosed sachets of 2.0 grams is good for a container of 1 cubic foot.  Before storing for the first time, always dry clean or wash articles in ensure there are no moth larva present in the fibers.  If minty scent is diminishing, occasional squeeze the sachet to renew the scent.  Sachets should be replaced every few months, or once the herbal aroma weakens.

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