• Moth Bar Lavender Scented - 6 oz, in Shelf Tray

    Willert Home Products

  • $17.96

  • Description

    Set of 3 Lavender Scented Moth Bars- each containing 2 cakes. 
    Moths be gone ! This convenient moth bar container comes with a hook so that you can just hang it in your closet and let it do the work.
    When used in an air-tight container it can kill clothes moth, carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae. 
    This product can treat up to 6.25 cu. ft. and best of all it has No clinging odor! 
    2 bars per pack, total of 6 oz. Set of 3 packs.
    Kills clothes moth and carpet beetles 
    Eliminates the need for airing out clothes after storage 
    Designed for use in enclosed storage units, ie: closets, drawers, storage bins and wardrobes 
    Made in the U.S.A.

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