• MOVA Globe - Satellite View with Gold Lettering

    Turtle Tech Design

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    The Mova Rotating Satellite with Gold Map 6 in. diam. Globe shares a true global view of our home planet. Featuring the same view as if you were monitoring our planet from outer space, this mesmerizing celestial orb rotates silently on its own when exposed to natural or artificial light, perched upon its beautiful, engravable acrylic base. No need for wires, batteries, or other operating functions, as this globe rotates on the same principles of physics as our planet Earth itself! A magnet inserted in the core of the globe propels rotation when the globe sits in a window or next to a light source. A unique home decor item, this globe would be an ideal accent in a corporate office setting. About Mova Globes: By using a unique design, highly efficient solar cells, and the Earth's magnetic field, Mova has created a stunning line of globes that appear to rotate even though firmly rooted in place. This effect is created by placing a smaller globe inside the outer acrylic shell and filling the space between with a clear fluid. The inner globe floats in the center, while the solar cells and magnetic drive cause it to rotate. The graphic features of the inner globe are magnified by the acrylic shell and fluid, making them appear to be on the outer shell; this causes the illusion of movement of the entire globe. Ultra-efficient solar cells mean that your globe will rotate even in low light, using the energy from your room's lighting. This automatic movement, coupled with stunning graphics, makes the Mova globe a perfect choice for any home or office. Comes within a clear acrylic shell. Satellite view with gold lettering and hairline borders. Powered by solar energy and Earth's magnetic field. Requires no batteries or electric power to function. Measures 6 diam. inches.

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