• Mova Rotating Blue Ocean Political 4.5-in. Diam. Desk Globe

    Turtle Tech Design (Mova)

  • $134.99

  • Description

    NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES. COMPLETELY RUNS ON SOLAR POWER.  The world's most advanced world globe actually rotates by itself - without cords or batteries! The 4.5" Rotating Political Globe uses solar energy and the Earth's natural magnetic forces to continuously rotate slowly and quietly inside a liquid-filled orb, giving the impression that it's floating a quarter-inch above the stand. This handsome globe features a political map (showing government boundaries, with countries in different colors) and includes a three-finger acrylic stand. • 4.5" world globe  • Political map - shows government boundaries and countries  • Slow, silent rotation  • No batteries needed - operates on gentle sunlight, incandescent light or fluorescent light  • Globe sits in clear outer shell, filled with low-friction fluid  • No plugs or cables - place it anywhere  • Ideal gift for students, teachers, scientists or executives  • Includes three-finger acrylic stand

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