Family Pastimes

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    Players work together to get the goat family safely to new meadow and into the barn before the scary, hairy troll catches them. In a simple, exciting way, children will learn logic, consultation and decision making. We don't like the troll catching any of the goats. He captures them mainly to eat and sometimes for a pet - oh no! So, we'd better bring along the donuts, cookies, and other things much, much tastier than goats! Includes: full color 6" x 12" board , 2 special dice, 1 troll, 6 various food items, 6 goats & rules. 

    Play as friends, not as enemies! Family Pastimes games foster the spirit of cooperation. Players help each other climb a mountain, make a community, complete a space exploration... They never play against each other. After all, the initial impulse to play a game is social; that is, we bring out a game because we want to do something together. How ironic then that in most games, we spend all our efforts trying to bankrupt someone, destroy their armies - in other words, to get rid of one another!

    At Family Pastimes we believe that people of different ages and abilities should be able to play side by side, each making their best contribution. We are all there together when we finish the game to take joy in our successes and wonder how we might work together even better the next time we play. Thus, Family Pastimes games will prove to be a friendly form of fun. We hope you enjoy playing and learning together!

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