• MRE 2 Course Meals

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    MREs were designed by the US military to provide a hot nutritious meal to soldiers anywhere, anytime. Because the food is retort packaged, it stays fresh tasting without preservatives - MREs have up to a 5 year shelf life!

    When in the field, soldiers 'field-strip' their 3 course MREs to get down to the basics: entrees and desserts. Field-stripping lightens the load and allows easy transport, all while supplying necessary energy and calories. The 2 course MRE was designed with this practice in mind: get the calories you need without the extra weight.

    Our MREs are perfect for your emergency food supply and field use. They were designed for 'Week 1' of any disaster or emergency: they're precooked, mobile, ultra durable, and ready to eat. These qualities make MREs highly suited to quick departures from your home (i.e. emergency evacuations) and storage in your car emergency kit, 72 hour kit, bug out bag, or other emergency food supply.

    Meal Kit Supply focuses exclusively on MREs and offers the best commercial MRE on the market. Each pack includes 6 menus: 2 breakfast meals and 4 lunch / dinner meals. Each 2 course MRE also contains a Flameless Ration Heater, 6" spoon, and napkin.

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