MacPherson's Art (Paints, Mediums)

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    The Montana Gold brand is the only genuine dual pressure can on the market. With five different caps available it is easy to achieve a pencil thin line (with a low pressure) to a very wide 13 inch spray (with high pressure) from the same can. This newly developed cap system combines low and high pressure performance in the same can. Their color concept allows for nearly perfect color gradients in all directions. A new valve system using a soft spring results in minimal dripping, quick drying time and high opacity. Each can comes with a standard cap. This flat, matte high quality spray paint is dry within seconds of application and will not fade for over 10 years! Truly, the choice for the professional tagging artist. Here's the scoop in layman's terms: Montana is acrylic based color. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, canvas and others. It has an extremely short drying time. The colors are light fast and guaranteed for 10 years. The colors are extremely opaque and the colors are brilliant and intense. In addition Montana is 100% lead and CFC free. It is the cream of the crop in artist quality spray paint.

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