• Mueller Kinesiology Tape 2" x 16.4 ft Beige

    Ithaca Sports

  • $2.10

  • Description

    ✔ ABSOLUT EFFECTIVENESS: Pain Relief. Promotes blood flow increasing amount of oxygen on the muscles, reducing fatigue
    ✔ ELASTICITY: 180% stretchability, the same elasticity as skin, to provide full range of motion
    ✔ WATER RESISTANT: Even showers and in the pool. Dries Quickly. Very durable, Wearable for up to 4 days (tested)
    ✔ EXTREME ADHESIVE: Stickier, premium adhesive uncut kinesiotape that won't fall off during workouts and any water you throw at it
    ✔ SUPERIOR COMFORTABLE FOR EVERYONE: Latex free and hypoallergenic elastic tape. Best for children, athletes, crossfit, marathon or triathlon runners

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