• Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate (Antique Bronze)

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    This stylish metal gate fits openings 28" – 47.5" wide and stands tall at 36".
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    Auto-close door, conveniently and securely shuts behind you.
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    Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

    Protect baby without sacrificing style. The Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is made from quality metal and steel. This sleek, walk-thru gate is adjustable to accommodate openings in virtually any hallway, door frame, or staircase in the home.

    Pressure or Hardware Mounted with Option for Use Between Rooms or at Top of Stairs

    The gate is easy to position between doorways using the pressure mounted tension bolts. The included mounts require no drilling or additional tools and won't leave marks or scratches on your walls. Optional hardware is included for a more secure installation. When mounted with hardware and included door stopper, this gate is perfect for use at the top or bottom of stairs.

    Extra Tall Gate Includes Extensions for an Adjustable Fit

    At 36 inches tall, this gate is perfect for use with toddlers and small pets. It is adjustable to fit openings from 28" to 47.5" wide with the included extensions: one 5" extension and one 10" extension. The extensions allow you to create a custom and secure fit for virtually any size hallway or door opening.

    One-Handed Use and Automatic Close

    When used between rooms, the gate door opens in either direction and can be operated with just one hand. When used in a stairway, the included door stop allows for added security by preventing the door from swinging over the stairs. For convenience and safety, the door closes and locks automatically behind you. The dual locking system provides peace of mind knowing your gate is securely locked every time.

    At a Glance:
    • Available in antique bronze or white
    • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms is simple to install and won't mar walls; no tools required
    • Hardware mount is included for added security when installing on stairways; tools required
    • Door stop is included for use in stairways
    • 36” tall gate fits openings 28" – 47.5” wide; 2 extensions are included for a custom fit (one 5" and one 10")
    • Auto-close door swings open in both directions
    • Dual locking for a secure shut every time
    • Comfort grip handle; gate can be opened and closed with one hand
    • Durable metal with Antique Bronze finish complements home décor
    • Recommended for children ages 6-24 months
    • Versatile gate provides can also provide a secure barrier for pets
    Summer Infant Gates:

    Summer Infant premium gates provide innovative solutions to help create a safe environment in your home for babies and pets. Our gates are tested to the highest standards and are JPMA certified. Each gate has been designed with integrity and ingenuity to provide a gate that is both easy to use and simple to install. Whether you need a gate for use between rooms, top of stairs, wide openings, or a free standing playard, Summer Infant's range of safety gates provides a solution for every need.

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