• Multiple Personality: An Hispanic Perspective

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    From the International Society for the Study of Dissociation News, June/July 1996, written by Dr. Philip M. Coons: This work actually is a translation [into English] of Dr. Martnez-Taboas' original work, which was published in Spanish. This book is a jewel. It contains a compilation of his patient data, which are compared with other large studies. The book includes fresh ideas on the etiology, epidemiology, neurophysiology, and cultural aspects of dissociative identity disorder (DID), as well as three extensively documented case histories: all of this from an Hispanic perspective.  American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, October 1996, by Dr. Stanley Krippner: This ambitious work purports to be the first book-length tome on dissociative identity disorder (DID) written from a Hispanic perspective. As such, it is a major contribution to the cross-cultural exploration of dissociation. ... Martnez-Taboas, a clinical psychologist in Puerto Rico, has conducted more empirical research on DID than any other Latin American psychotherapist. His articles on the topic are well known to readers of such journals as Dissociation and the InterAmerican Journal of Psychology. ... Martnez-Taboas presents a commendable short historical survey of multiple personality, and describes his difficulty in defending the validity of this diagnosis in Puerto Rico, especially in shifting the incorrect diagnosis and subsequent ineffective treatment of some "schizophrenics" to that of "multiples." Another admirable chapter deals with "demonic possession" where Martnez-Taboas describes !  how such a conviction can be interpreted as dissociative behavior that allows an "emotional catharsis." ... Martnez-Taboas also presents the iatrogenic hypothesis, and skillfully demolishes it, especially in regard to its assumption that hypnosis is of central importance to the diagnosis of multiple personality. Entire chapters are devoted to multiple personality, violence and the law, and to the importance of neurological disorders in dissociative disorders. ... On the basis of three carefully presented case studies, Martnez-Taboas proposes an interactive model of multiple personality, one in which "the creation and function of most alter personalities derive from efforts to introduce order and stability into an extremely stressful and chaotic psychological environment" (p. 163). ... There is a competent definition of "culture-bound syndromes" followed by several examples (including anorexia nervosa!). Martnez-Taboas frankly admits that it is still unclear whether multiple!  personality is exclusively linked to culture or is a unive! rsal disorder that had gone unidentified in other epochs and cultures due to the absence of diagnositc guidelines. ... Martnez-Taboas also considers the postmodern notion that the very concept of "person" is a social construction, and that alter personalities are linguistic creations produced by the contextual discourse of the patient. ... He identifies what he finds are the two most difficult issues in psychotherapy: resistance from patients and their alters, and the complexity of the therapeutic process itself. ... In an era where many mainstream psychotherapists and medical schools reject the very notion of MPD and DID, Martnez-Taboas has courageously staked a position that can always be embellished with the accumulation of new data and new cases. --  Publisher Comments 
           Dr. Alfonso Martnez-Taboas is the foremost authority on multiple personality disorder in Latin America. He is the author of more than 15 academic articles on the subject and has conducted the only Latin American empirical studies on dissociative identity dissorder (DID) to date. He is a highly respected and well-known clinical psychologist in Puerto Rico, where he was named 1995 Psychologist of the Year by the Asociacin de Psiclogos de Puerto Rico. He is also a professor of psychology at the Centro Caribeo de Estudios Post-Graduados, the only ins

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