• Muscle Therapy (Juniper & Wintergreen Oil) Herbal Bath (2.1 Oz)-pack of 2

    European Soaps

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    Dresdner Essenz Deep Relaxation Herbal Bath is a beneficial bath essence (powder) containing the active essential oils of Indian Melissa Balm, Valerian and Lavender Blossom. Melissa and Valerian help restore your inner harmony and peace of mind, while the harmonizing power of Lavender refreshes you when exhausted and relaxes you when you are busy and stressed. It contains Sesame oil that is combined with Panthenol to give your skin a silkiness you can feel. This powder contains no PEG emulsifiers, no alkaline soaps, no soldium laureth sulfate, no mineral oils, and no silicone oils. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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