• MuscleTech Creakic Hardcore 180 Capsules

    Europa Sports

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    Rapidly and Dramatically Builds Lean Muscle & Strength. Delivers up to 330% More Creatine per Serving than Other Leading Creatine Pull Formulas. Formulated with the Most Scientifically Validated Form of Creatine in Existence. Rapidly and Dramatically Builds Lean Muscle Mass: Creakic Hardcore is scientifically engineered to deliver rapid and dramatic gains in both muscle size and strength when combined with your hardcore training product. Its powerful formula is designed to saturated your muscle cells with its advanced Creatine blend, which is powered by the most scientifically validated form of Creatine existence. Test Subjects Increased Muscle Fiber Protein Content by 58%: In a 12-week study, test subjects taking the key ingredient in Creakic Hardcore and following a hardcore training product increased muscle fiber protein content by 58 percent. In this same university study later documented and published in the journal Medicine & Science of Sports & Exercise, test subjects also built over 4 times more muscle compared to the placebo group (7.1 vs 1.3 lbs.). That's right-over 4 times more lean, rock-hard muscle!

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