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    MxyKikker, celebrating 15 years of Kikkerland's foundation, and 15 years since the first Critter was sold at MXYPLYZYK in New York, is an inspiration from our climbing windups, Bonga and Awika, but with long legs, and more radical ascending capabilities. The key system is different as well, incorporated into the center, right set of legs, marked on the hub by a coil icon, and an arrow. It works by rotating those legs backwards, with one finger until the spring is fully wound. MxyKikker does some fancy climbing, and it walks upside-down if needed.  Made of stainless steel with plastic feet. The MxyKikker Windup actually comes assorted colors.  The body is either blue or silver (color is random) with clear feet. The MxyKikker Windup comes assorted colors.

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