• My Dad!

    Sterling Publishing

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  • Description

    "Fuge's bright, stylized illustrations are expressive and appealing...This warm, fuzzy father-son book is a fine addition."--School Library Journal

    The popular picture book by celebrated illustrator Charles Fuge (I Know a Rhino, It's a Monster Party, Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball) is now available in board-just in time for Father's Day.
    A cuddly cub claims to have "the roughest, toughest dad in the whole jungle." But his awesome, fearsome description of Daddy--"teeth sharper than an alligator, more claws than an eagle"--scares away all his friends, one by one. Suddenly, the little bear is all alone in the forest, and very frightened. Guess who saves the day? The final illustration of the smiling cub wrapped in his Daddy's arms will warm every heart.

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