• My Face for the World to See

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    Liz Renay was born into small-town life in Mesa, Arizona to a family of religious zealots. Then WW II came and she became a "V-girl," attracting servicemen with her beautiful face and voluptuous figure. Thus began her entry into the world of New York high fashion models and Fifty-Second Street strippers. Fate led her into the underworld, where she became a confidante and girlfriend to important mobsters and shady dealers.  

    From New York she went to Hollywood, where she won a Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest and became a national celebrity; meanwhile her paintings were selling for $5,000 each and her poetry was recorded and broadcast. Then came an indictment and three-year probation for her unwillingness to cooperate with authorities by testifying against the mobster Mickey Cohen. A violation of her probation landed her in prison for three years. Married eight times, appeared before thirteen grand juries, with more lovers than any swinger of her generation-Liz Renay tells the story of her compelling and memorable adventures with honesty and candor.

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