• Nail Repair Natural

    Trind (Vanro Group)

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    Nailstrengthener Trind Nail Repair is the cornerstone product that has set Trind apart from all other nail technologies. Unlike "nail hardners" that only make the nail dry and brittle, Trind's Nail Repair is a highly effective "nail strengthener" which makes your nails strong and keeps them supple at the same time. This unique technology works deep into the nail at a molecular level. With this product your nails won?t dry out and won?t show discoloration. The unique formula of Trind matches the protein molecules, which creates a rigid network structure that makes the nail stronger. Important detail is that the natural nail moisture does not disappear. Therefore, the nail stays supple and looks pampered. Nail Repair Strengthener is uniquely formulated to cross-link the protein chains within the nail layers without gluing the layers together. The formula is activated by moisture which in turn strengthens the nail while maintaining the moisture developing a strong supple nail. The Nail Repair Strenghtener can be used as perfect base coat protecting the nail from colorants of nail polish. It develops a bond on the surface of the nail plate while drying to a beautiful gloss appearance. On average, Trind Nail Repair takes about 2 weeks of fresh, daily application to change the structure of the nail, cross-linking the protein molecules and creating a strengthened structure. For clients with severely damaged nails, a daily usage of three weeks may be prescribed. 6 Month Supply

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