• Natalie Jill's REV4

    Tamilee Webb

  • $13.87

  • Description

    Rev4 was designed to CHANGE your body FAST and with ZERO equipment! Rev4 is about FUNCTIONAL fitness and progression. You will do short segments of progressively intense exercise with ONLY your body weight for MAX RESULTS! Getting the body you wanted doesn't take hours of working out. It does not take endless sets, it does not take fancy equipment and you do NOT have to 'beat up your body' and accept pain from injuries to get in shape with the REV4 progression.  Each Rev4 workout is approximately 10 minutes. The exercises are done in 30 sec intervals. They are intense BUT I'll show you how to modify if needed.  Warm-up Rev1-Full Body Rev2-Lower Body Rev3-Upper Body Rev4-Core Crusher Cool-down Bonus Material

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