• Neat‐Oh!® LEGO® ZipBin® 1000 Brick Toy Box™ (S15)

    Neat-Oh International, LLC

  • $49.95

  • Description

    At 7.3" deep, the sturdy LEGO ZipBin 1000 Brick Toy Box is one of Neat-Oh! 's medium-sized storage units - and a nifty way to play with and store LEGO bricks, figures and other toys. The box unzips into a flat, wipe-clean build-and-play surface. Every item is accessible - from the smallest to the largest, including the ones at the bottom of the bin - with no dumping, no mess; kids can easily find exactly what they want. When playtime is over, the mat zips back up to quickly and neatly store the entire toy collection inside.  A lid keeps contents secure; side handles provide easy portability from room to room; and the bright clean design fits nicely with home decor. Neat-Oh! 's play-and-store solutions have won numerous awards, and are universally recognized for their clever, patented designs and ease of use. Pure genius! Toys sold separately. Like every Neat-Oh! Product, the LEGO ZipBin 1000 Brick Toy Box is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. The company's comprehensive product testing program exceeds industry requirements. It tests for 19 heavy metals, not the mandated 8, it hand sews products, and it uses self-repairing zippers and food-grade inks. They're products you can believe in.

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