• Neat‐Oh!® ZipBin® 40 Dinosaur Mini Playset w/ 2 Dinosaurs

    Neat-Oh International, LLC

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    ZipBin Dinosaur Mini Playset

    The coolest way to play with and store a dino collection! This bestselling, soft-sided 5 inch deep mini tote comes with two 2.5 inch dinosaurs – with room for dozens more. The tote unzips to a dinosaur island-themed playmat, and then zips back up to neatly store the entire toy collection inside. Perfectly sized for travel – unzipped, the mat fits on an airplane tray!

    Fun colorful graphics for hours of fun!
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    Fun for play on the go or at home!
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    Part of Neat-Oh!’s Smart Storage Solutions

    Neat-Oh! specializes in smart, self-contained ways to store, play with and transport toys. Smart storage products unzip to provide access to all the toys inside. Kids can find just what they want without having to dump everything out. No dumping means a lot less mess!

    Find Contents Fast!

    This take-anywhere tote’s unique design makes it easy to retrieve specific toys and accessories. Unzip it for quick access to every dino in the collection, from the largest to smallest. Storing the toys after play is just an easy zip away.

    Quality & Safety Are #1

    Neat-Oh! knows nothing is more important than safety. It’s why the company’s comprehensive product testing program exceeds industry standards. It tests for 19 heavy metals, not the mandated 8, it hand sews products, and it uses self-repairing zippers and food-grade inks. They’re products you can believe in.

    Kid, Parent & Expert Approved!

    Neat-Oh!’s play-and-store solutions have won numerous awards, and are universally recognized for their clever, patented designs and ease of use. In addition to industry praise, parents and kids consistently give Neat-Oh! double thumbs up – read the reviews!

    Includes 2 realistic dinosaur toys.
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    Key Features
    • Contains two 2.5 inch dinosaurs – with room for dozens more
    • Is both a storage tote for toys and a dinosaur-themed play surface
    • Perfectly sized for travel – fits on an airplane tray!
    • Made from highest-quality, durable, easily-cleaned materials
    • Tested to the most stringent quality and safety standards

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