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    Please see alternate images above for SIZING and additional description information. --Neutral WedgeBREG?s Neutral Wedge positions the arm in a natural state of external rotation, while adding the necessary tension to the anterior capsule following anterior shoulder dislocations or Bankart lesions; thereby reducing the recurrence of future injuries.Indications:Bankart repairs SLAP lesion repairs Anterior dislocations Posterior capsule repairs Anterior repairs Rotator cuff repairs Total shoulder reconstructionsBREG?s Neutral Wedge offers the following benefits:Two sizes (S/M and L/XL) Universal left or right Easy to fit pillow, sling and straps Holder for pain management device or beverage Part # Description11917 Neutral Wedge, S/M (14.5"")11918 Neutral Wedge, L/XL (14.5"")Measurement taken from olecranon to end of fist.

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