• New GMS Med-e-lert - 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser,6 Alarms ,6 Rings, 1 Key with Clear Lid


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  • Description

    Caring for a family member or loved one? Mediate and medicate with the ingenious ivation automatic pill dispenser. Gone are the days of missed and incorrect medication dosages. The ivation automatic pill dispenser serves as both an alert system and a pill dispenser. This makes it particularly viable for the elderly and infirm who are often alone and must look after their medication by themselves. The ivation automatic pill dispenser is battery operated for mobility and to afford constant proximity to the user and/or caregiver. The ivation automatic pill dispenser is the most reliable solution for getting the right pills to the right person at the right time. Product features: fully automatic with a lockable lid and precise timed access to medication at the prescribed event; 28 dose compartments with interchangeable discs that give the ability to dispense alternative treatment protocols of once, twice, three or four times a day; each compartment is large and able to hold up to 12 pills, the buzzer has 4 settings to provide a variety of sound tones for different hearing levels; once loaded the dispenser can be locked to prevent access to medication outside of prescribed times, preventing overdose or errors in administration; all the controls are contained on the dispenser face and there is an easily understood manual to set up the timed process of alarms; ideal dispenser directly for patients for careers to administer to patients safely or for use in care homes where the use of such automated dispensers will reduce the time taken up in individual medication administration; when it's time to take the medication there is both an audible (30 min buzzer) and visual (red flashing light) alert. The patient releases the prescribed medication by turning the dispenser upside down, allowing tablets to fall into your hand. This action cancels alerts immediately.

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