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    View larger     SwaddleMe: Safer Sleep, Sweeter Dreams   Providing a proper sleep environment is one of the most important things you can do for your baby. When done correctly, swaddling is a practical way to help promote safe sleep. Infants who are swaddled during sleep have been found to startle less and sleep longer. Babies should always be placed to sleep on their backs, in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and tight fitting sheet. The award-winning SwaddleMe helps babies sleep safely on their backs and replaces loose blankets in the crib. All of our swaddle wraps have plenty of stretch and room allowing for baby’s development, while giving them the snugness they need to feel secure. With four transitional stages of wearable blankets, and variety of adorable fashions, SwaddleMe helps baby sleep soundly from day one.   SwaddlePod: Simple Swaddle Solution for Newborns and Preemies   Developed with leading safe sleep experts, SwaddlePod is the first stage in swaddling, ideal for newborns. It helps prevent baby from startling awake by recreating the familiar snugness of the womb. A convenient two-way zipper makes diaper changes easy! The SwaddlePod fits newborns and preemies, 5-10 pounds, and is available in a variety of adorable fashions.   Swaddling Simplified!   Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod. The soft, comfortable cotton spandex blend stretches with baby's movement for comfort. The two-way zipper makes it easy for parents to change baby’s diaper without disturbing their little one. Always place babies on their backs to sleep.       View larger         Stage 1: SwaddlePod, Simple Swaddle Solution   Ideal for newborns, SwaddlePod creates a cozy womb-like feeling for baby and helps prevent the startle reflex that can wake baby. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into the pod for a secure, comfortable fit.         View larger         Stage 2: SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap   Wrap baby securely in SwaddleMe for a safer, better sleep.  Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit, even for wiggly babies. The secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe is trusted by parents around the globe.           View larger         Stage 3: WrapSack Transitioning Swaddler & Wearable Blanket   SwaddleMe WrapSack is the perfect 2-in-1 swaddler and sleep sack, providing a safer alternative to loose blankets in the crib. It comfortably swaddles baby’s arms while allowing for more leg room and movement.  Baby can sleep with both arms in, both arms out, or one of each. Simple and easy to use, the WrapSack grows with baby as they learn to sleep without being swaddled.         View larger         Stage 4: ComfortMe Wearable Blanket   The ComfortMe Wearable Blanket offers extended sleeves to keep baby’s arms warm and to give them a feeling of security and comfort as they learn to sleep through the night.  In addition, the ComfortMe offers a bottom zipper to make diaper changes easy and keeps zipper pulls safely away from baby.           View larger         More Ways to Swaddle: SwaddleMe Cloud Blankets   Wrap baby in a bundle of softness with the SwaddleMe Cloud Blanket. This premium blanket is ultra-soft to the touch from the first use, perfect for swaddling your baby for peaceful sleep.         View larger         More Ways to Swaddle: SwaddleMe Muslin Blankets   Natural muslin wraps are perfect for swaddling your baby for peaceful sleep. SwaddleMe Muslin Blankets are large, 40” x 40”, and stretchable for easy swaddling and can be used as a nursing cover, stroller cover, or burp cloth. These are 100% cotton muslin and are naturally breathable for baby’s comfort.

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