• Norman PhartEphant

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    Norman PhartEphant TM is a 10 inch elephant plush toy with sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of 8 different phart sounds! (yes, "fart" for those that don't "phart"). This childrens toy / unique gift quickly captures the heart of toddler, kids and even Mom and Dad. We have heard multiple reports of Norman, a plush toy, heading to the office, boardroom and other "serious" venues due to his unusual talent. Who knew stuffed animals, or really just our unique Norman PhartEphant, would travel so well?! How did Norman become so Gassy? Norman PhartEphantTM is an African elephant that was adopted by a US zoo. The dietary changes in the transition caused unexpected gastric effects. There is more to Norman than just gas! But he is polite and apologizes on occasion.

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