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    Looking for the perfect neutral showcase for your collection of "So Happy It's Thursday" and "My Other Cup Is Royal Dalton" coffee mugs? Or maybe you just want easy, no-hassle access to the receptacle that'll pump that dose of caffeine to your nervous system. Well, whether you're looking for form or function, if you've got six square inches on your countertop, you've got space for the Norpro wooden mug rack, an easy-to-assemble tree-like holder for up to six hot-beverage cups. Simply thread the individual dowels into the main "trunk" piece (which screws into the sturdy hardwood base with a Phillips head screwdriver or a kitchen knife) and you have your own coffee clutch. The natural light finish of the wood provides a modern neutral style to the rack, and the doweling is of a diameter hospitable to the wider handle "armholes" of heavy, casual mugs, rather than the narrower apertures of fine china and some  Euro-designs. Some tinkering may be necessary with the aforementioned dowels: an Amazon.com review sample showed signs of possible thread stripping if not aligned properly.  --Tony Mason 
           Norpro wood mug rack stores all your coffee mugs in one place for easy, convenient access! Made of durable, heavy duty wood, this rack features 5 sturdy dowels to hold even your heaviest mugs. Includes a strong, heavy base to keep the rack balance and prevent from tipping over. Classically elegant, this rack looks beautiful on your kitchen countertops. Hand washing recommended.

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