• Nubuck Eco Protector - 500ml


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  • Description

    500ml size This is a water-based product for Nubuck or highly sensitive leathers. Eco-Protector is a newer product which took several years to perfect. Since water damages most nubucks, it was difficult to formulate a water-based product. This amazing product will provide oil, water and alcohol protection on nubuck leathers. This product has several advantages over aerosol type protectors (even our own): Non-flammable product, very safe for consumer use Lower cost for trigger sprayer application vs. aerosol can packaging Qll of the product is usable; aerosol cans are approximately 50% product and 50% repellent Environmentally safe - a solvent-free product Directions: Use on new or cleaned leather only. If needed, use an appropriate cleaning product prior to using Eco-Protector. Adjust trigger sprayer to finest mist setting and spray at a distance of 12in/30cm from the leather. It is better to apply multiple layers than one heavy layer. Allow to air dry completely or use a hair dryer. Rub over the surface with the large sponge to maximize and return the nubuck effect. Reapply after cleaning and about every six months.

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