• Nugo Dark - Chocolate w/Real Cacao 12 Mocha Chocolate 1.76 oz

    United Natural Foods, Inc. - UNFI [N]

  • $25.37

  • Description

    NuGo Dark is the only REAL Dark Chocolate enrobed protein bar. NuGo's dark chocolate comes only from cocoa beans, a superfood which can lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and can raise good (HDL) cholesterol. Other chocolate-coated protein bars and snacks may be partially derived from cocoa beans but include cheaper vegetable fat to make the chocolate coating melt at a higher temperature. That's better for shipped costs, but it's not better for you. Vegetable fat in chocolate-flavored snacks can raise bad cholesterol and gives your snack a waxy taste. Unadulterated NuGo Dark is made with REAL Dark Chocolate that melts in your mouth. Real Dark Chocolate. Real Delicious. Real Health Benefits, NuGo Dark.

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