• Nurture My Body Baby Shampoo & Body Wash FF 8 oz.

    Nurture My Body

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    Our Fragrance Free Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is a gentle formula that contains
    no sodium lauryl sulfates or phthalates. Your baby's skin, scalp and hair are more
    sensitive and need protection, so our Fragrance Free Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is designed
    to help promote healthy skin and hair while gently cleaning. Our Fragrance Free Organic Baby
    Shampoo and Body Wash will leave your baby's skin and locks smelling as
    natural as the day your adored one came into this world. EWG Rating: 0
    Pairs well with Nurture My Body Fragrance Free Baby Lotion and Organic Baby Bar Soap.
    EWG Rating: 0 8 fl oz - 240 ml

    Our Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (Fragrance Free) is packaged in BPA-free, recyclable (#1),
    and ultraviolet-proof PET plastic bottles. Our plastic bottles do NOT leach chemicals even at high heat,
    and are the safest possible plastic bottles we could source.

    About Nurture My Body
    Nurture My Body is not just the name of our company but also our intent.
    From the select ingredients we choose to the small batches we create our products are handled and infused with
    our loving thoughts and nurturing environment that these products were created in. It is our desire
    that when you use our products not only will your skin and hair be renewed but your hearts will be touched and your spirits lifted

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