• Nurture My Body Ultra Light Day Cream FF 2 oz

    Nurture My Body

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  • Description

    Fragrance Free Organic Ultra Light Day Cream 

    This light weight, non-greasy moisturizing blend contains natural plant oils and vitamins to quickly
    hydrate and quench your skin's natural moisture balance for a beautiful finish. It absorbs instantly and
    delivers vitamins and nutrients effectively to your skin. Our blend of antioxidant vitamins
    and healing botanicals work to fight signs of aging without feeling heavy on your skin.
    This cream is also a perfect choice for the hot summer months where you want your skin
    feeling light and free

    This product is packaged in recyclable, ultraviolet-proof blue glass jars with recyclable PET plastic lids.
    The jar is packaged inside a recyclable cardboard box printed with vegetable-based inks

    About Nurture My Body
    Nurture My Body is not just the name of our company but also our intent.
    From the select ingredients we choose to the small batches we create our products are handled and infused with
    our loving thoughts and nurturing environment that these products were created in. It is our desire
    that when you use our products not only will your skin and hair be renewed but your hearts will be touched and your spirits lifted

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