• Nuun Strawberry Lemonade


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    Add flavor and electrolytes to your H2O with the NUUN Single Tube. Twelve electrolyte tablets provide light, refreshing taste when you need to hydrate and replenish after a long run or trail ride.Each tablet makes one 16-ounce drink Easy to use tablet dissolves fast Tablets contain no sugars Reusable and recyclable tube is portable and easy-to carry Note: Kona Cola contains 40mg of caffeine per 16-ounce serving, which is about two thirds of the caffeine found in an average cup of coffee Product Features Serving Size: 1 tablet Servings Per Container: 12 Pouch Cook:  Calories: 8 Total Carbohydrates: 1 g Total Fat: 0 g Saturated Fat:  Protein:  Sodium: 360 mg Cholesterol:  Dietary Fiber:  Sugars:  Potassium: 100 mg Vegetarian:  Vegan:  Allergens:  Weight:  Recommended Use: hydrating

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