• Olivia Scenterpiece Easy Melts Cup Warmer

    Yankee Candle

  • $45.04

  • Description

    Features an adjustable timer and LED lighting! Stylish and so easy to use, our revolutionary ScenterpieceAA,,A warmer lets you change fragrances as often as you want without ever touching the wax. The electric warmer features a flameless heater to quickly melt the wax, a recessed heating dish that showcases the design and enhances every dAfA(c)cor, and a 6-foot power cord that allows for easy placement around a room. An indicator light illuminates when the warmer is turned on, so you'll never have any doubt. This deluxe version is outfitted with an automatic shutoff and adjustable timer for worry-free performance, as well as internal LED lights that shine through the warmer's decorative cutouts for added ambience. About Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup System: Change scents in seconds! Quick, easy and clean, our innovative Easy MeltCups provide exceptional home fragrance when used in our Scenterpiece warmers. Cool to the touch, even while in use, they are available in 27 of our most popular fragrances. You can

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