• One Ten in One Multi-Treatment Facial Cream 1 oz

    True Promise Beauty

  • $70.00

  • Description

    Your 10-in-ONE dream cream! This exceptional all-in-one cream diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, shine, enlarged pores and sagging skin, while simultaneously acting as a makeup primer, moisturizer and skin plumper. Its potent blend of 20 cosmeceuticals, botanicals, amino acids and vitamins offers outstanding performance. Apply twice daily for a mini-face lift. 1 oz.One is an exceptional all in one cream that truly introduces the product line's philosophy and performance. Designed deliberately for the woman (and man) who hasn't the time or patience to use multiple skin care items, One is unique in it's formulation.The combined ingredients will simultaneously hydrate and soften the skin, instantly (within 20 seconds of application) noticeably smooth out fine surface lines and diminish deeper wrinkles, gives a matte finish to the skin without being drying, tightens, lifts and plumps the skin, counteracts against damage

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