• Ontel Products JJACK-MC12 Jupiter Jack Cell Phone/Car Speakerphone Converter

    BNF System Inc

  • $8.99

  • Description

    As Seen On TV, Jupiter Jack, A Cell Phone Without A Hands Free Device Is Not Safe & Is Illegal In Some States, The New Revolutionary Hands Free Device For Your Cell Phone, It Turns Your Car Radio Into A Hands Free Phone, Designed To Work With Any Phone & Car, All You Do Is Plug In The Jupiter Jack Into The Place Where You Would Normally Plug In Your Headphone, Tune Your Radio To 99.3 FM & Start Talking, Jupiter Jack Transmits Quality Sounds Through The Speakers In Your Car So Instead Of Hearing Music, You Hear The Other Person, Now You'll Enjoy The Clear Robust Sound That Only Your Car Speakers Can Provide So You Can Safely Talk & Drive At The Same Time.

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