• Ooze Tube

    Westminster Toys

  • $1.55

  • Description

    Clear acrylic sealed tube, 3-1/8" dia x 8" tall, divided into two equal chambers. The dividing wall has a hole in the center, and the tube has a quantity of viscous violet goo (glycerin?) in it that fills one chamber about 3/4 full. Stand the tube on end with the full chamber up, and over a 10 minute period the goo will ooze from the upper to the lower chamber, blowing bubbles and dribbling droplets in the process, all in slow motion. The action is somewhat reminiscent of a lava lamp, without the heat and light, and with a mixed air and goo chamber that yields much more interesting patterns. Mesmerizing, disgusting, fascinating, soothing. It comes in a variety of colors from which we will choose yours.

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