• Orange Quince Steam Room Mist-3.4 oz.

    Red Flower

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  • Description

    Gives the skin the same effect as sitting in a steam room - oxygen rich and warmly glowing. Mist this blend of orange rind, orange blossom, iris, quince, cedar atlas wood, rose and lemon over the hair, face and body to replenish, cool and awaken the skin. Filled with rich fruit acids and vitamin c, a gentle antioxidant and very mild astringent, with every mist, stimulate blood flow and circulation and remove impurities from the skin's surface, tighten pores, brighten and rehydrate the skin. With eash oil carefully selected for its skin brightening qualities and oxygen generating recharge. This blend of gently toning citrus oils, stimulating wood and fresh fruit extracts, encourages cell turnover to renew the surface of the skin.

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