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    super concentrated orange cleaner 16oz (473ml). orange tko - 100% natural cleaner / degreaser stain remover pet / agricultural uses cleans air / cuts odor leaves no residue orange tko is a citrus cleaner/degreaser made from the peel of the orange. it is an emulsifier which contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or detergents. it is also 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic. orange tko comes as a concentrate which can be diluted with water to handle the toughest industrial cleaning problems, but is safe enough to use in the home, around children and animals. orange tko will not breakdown the body's immune system like chemicals and is not carcinogenic. orange tko can be used for cleaning grease, oil, tar, adhesives, or caulking, as well as numerous other cleaning applications. it is non-corrosive, leaves no residue, and is safe for employees to work with. in the home, orange tko can be used for all of your cleaning applications. it is very effective for stains and odors in carpets and laundry. have a look in the instructions for the range of uses for tko! the use of orange tko is limited only by your imagination! the following instructions are guidelines only, and dilution may be modified for your own purposes.   the basic mixes are:   in 24 oz. spray bottle mist 1/2 ounce per gallon of water 1/2 tsp. light 1 ounce per gallon of water 1 tsp. general 2 ounces per gallon of water 1 -2 tbsp. strong 10 - 20 ounces per gallon of water 4 - 8 tbsp.   2oz with water makes 1 gallon. always dilute with water or you can use vinegar. for grit on smooth surface stains add baking soda. never use straight or strong mixture on plastic or varnished wood surfaces. q: what exactly is orange tko? a: orange tko is an emulsifier made from the peel of the orange. d'limonene is the active ingredient that gives citrus cleaners the punch. through a double distillation process, d'limonene i

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