• ORE Pet Food Bag Clip - White & Black

    Ore Originals, Inc.

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     Pack Chow in Fancy Food Bags

    Packing a food bag for your pet's outing? Keep its contents fresh by closing it with Pet Food Bag Clip. Made of nontoxic, plastic material, the clip has a wide no-slip grip that allows you to hold it easily. It also has a peg hole for easy hanging on any bag. Designed in the shape of a bone, one look at this clip and your pet knows where the food is. These bag clips are available in bright color combinations of white-blue, white-brown, white-orange, white-pink and white-black.

    Pet Food Bag Clip

    • Bone shaped
    • Promotes freshness of pet food
    • No-slip grip
    • Peg hole for easy hanging
    A Closer Look: Pet Food Bag Clip is made of ABS Plastic material, which is nontoxic and promotes freshness in pet food.

    Made Specially for: Dogs of all ages

    Size: 5.25 (L) x 4 (W) x 0.75 (H) inches

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