• Organic Liquid Body Soap Lemongrass Lime - 24 oz

    United Natural Foods, Inc. / UNFI [D]

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    Fair Trade Olive Oil: Olive oil imparts velvety smoothness to this soap. In early 2007, Dr. Bronner's began sourcing 90% of their olive oil needs from Palestinian producers near the West Bank town of Jenin. There, the trading firm Canaan Fair Trade was founded by Palestinians who support peaceful co-existence with Israel and see profitable olive farming as one means of improving Palestinians' economic situation. In honor of Dr. Bonner and the peace that the olive tree symbolizes, Dr. Bronner sources olive oil from Israel as well. The Jewish Israeli Strauss family are pioneers in organic olive oil production and are related to the Bronner family; and the balance of the olive oil comes from Sindyanna, a Fair Trade business run by Jewish and Arab women in Israel that supports Arab-Israeli producers. Fair Trade Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax with a unique molecular structure similar to key moisturizers in the skin's sebum. Indians of the Sonoran desert where Jojoba is native have used jojoba oil for centuries as a daily moisturizer for skin, scalp and hair. Serindipia Jojoba was founded by Dr. Bronner's in partnership with the Com'caac Indians on their land in the Mexican Sonoran desert, where jojoba seeds are wild harvested sustainably by tribe members who receive excellent prices, wages and benefits. Fair Deal Hemp Oil: Dr. Bronner's uses Canadian hemp oil as a superfatting ingredients in all their soaps because of its unsurpassed essential fatty acid (EFA) content. Fair Deal is the developed world's counterpart to Fair Trade, which is geared towards developing countries. The Fair Deal program ensures that farmers receive a fair price for their organic crops and farm workers fair wages and working conditions for their labor. Dr. Bronner's is working to change outmoded US policy to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp again. Fair Trade Coconut Oil: The Serendipol project ...

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