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    Raven's Brew Coffee - Wicked Wolf Organic Ground Coffee - 12 oz (340g)   Raven's Brew Coffee Wicked Wolf Organic Ground Coffee has an intense, vibrant flavor with a superb finish.  Raven's Brew Coffee Wicked Wolf Organic Ground Coffee is a superlative after-meal coffee with awesome applications as accompaniment to chocolate desserts!   Raven's Brew Organic Coffees Organic coffees have been farmed and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other synthetic chemicals. Their roasteries are certified by the Washington Department of Agriculture. Enlighten your senses! Their line of Certified Organic Coffees is comprised of eight unique Raven's Brew proprietary blends.   Coffee ExtraordinAIReRaven's Brew creates their coffees in special state of the art convection roasters.  "Once-through" air roasting instantly whisks away undesirable gasses, smoke and chaff, and produces superior flavor development.  Raven's Brew Coffee is unique in its clean, rich and mild taste, with a fragrance and aroma which will astound you.  Raven's Brew Coffee is 100% owner operated, ensuring absolute dedication to ultimate coffee quality.  Raven's Brew Coffee is neither business nor coffee as usual.  They roast in small batches with every batch being a labor of love.   SustainabilityAt Raven's Brew Coffee, they are dedicated to coffee quality, sustainability and culture.  They use shade-grown, organic and naturally-processed coffee beans in most of their blends, and support small family growers through their buying practices.  They participate in renewable energy and environmental conservation programs as an act of love for this small blue planet.   Green PowerRaven's Brew Coffee is purchasing enough renewable energy to green 100% of the electricity used to power their Tumwater Roasting facility.

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