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    Salt Air Inhaler by Original Himalayan 1 Inhaler Salt Air Inhaler The Benefits of the Atmosphere of a Saltmine in Your Home The Salt-Air Inhaler (Salt Pipe) is a convenient drug-free and non-invasive device for enjoying the benefits of salt-air therapy. The use of salt for therapeutic treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments is nothing new. Halotherapy (Halo Salt in Greek) and Speleotherapy (Speleos Cave) are well known in Europe. Both treatments fall under the category of physical therapy or drug-free treatment of disease. Salt inhalation was recommended by Hippocrates the father of modern medicine who applied the age-old method of inhaling the steam from boiling saltwater. Daily Use For Several Minutes Can - Ease Breathing - Support Rehabilitation Medical Therapies of the Respiratory System - Clean the Respiratory System Salt-Air Can be Very Helpful For Respiratory Problems Caused by - Pollen Other Allergies - Asthma - Influenza Other Infections - Dehydrating Recycled Air

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