• Original Spaetzle Maker

    Chicago Importing Company

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    Original Kull Spaetzle-Schwob, MADE IN SWABIA, for round spaetzle, spaghetti ice cream and mashed potatoes. Heavy duty die cast aluminium highly polished. Incl. Spaetzle recipe in English language. Not for use in dishwasher!   ***** Spaetzle-Recipe (Fresh Noodles) *****  To server 2 to 3 portions mix: 1 cup flour (1/4 lb.), 1/3 to 1/2 cup of water or milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon salt. Beat well with spoon or hand mixer till batter shows air-bubbles.   1. Rinse press with COLD water before filling (also rinse before refilling, when making lager quantities).   2. Press batter slowly into 3 quarts of boiling SALTED water, holding the press 2 to 3 inches for SHORT noodles or 4 to 5 inches for LONG noodles above the boiling water.   3. As soon as noodles rise to the top, drain well and rinse in hot or cold water.   After use RINSE PRESS immediately with cold water. Never put press on hot plate.

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