• Orino Honey in Tin 6/32 oz.

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    Greek Honey from Crete ORINO is a fine smooth honey from thyme and other mountain flowers from Crete, mild and sweet flavor. The island of Crete is one of the Honey bedeutestendsten regions of Greece , as the pristine mountains of the island offers an inexhaustible Blütenparadies and guarantees the beekeepers a consistently high quality aromatic and honey. The Cretan honey ORINO is a natural product and contains no chemical additives or preservatives. This honey is an excellent sweetener with many healthy ingredients on bread or as a tasty snack . But even in the kitchen is this golden natural juice the better alternative : honey tastes delicious in tea, coffee, fruit salads, sauces and dark fruit cake. Thousands of years ago the Greeks really appreciate it , because according to mythology , the gods owed   him their immortality.

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