• Orka Mastrad Deluxe Chocolate Fondue Set - Pop Swirls

    Mastrad (Orka)

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  • Description

    Celebrate a birthday or anniversary around a pot of bubbling cheese or chocolate fondue. This six-piece cheese fondue set from Orka provides all the essentials for a fun meal, with a ceramic fondue pot, steel warming stand, tealight holder, and four fondue forks with pointy prongs. Perfect for a small family to dip marshmallows, banana slices, strawberry chunks, and pineapple squares in milk or dark chocolate. Try bread squares, apples, salami, carrots, or cauliflower dipped in rich, melted cheese. Available in an array of fun designs, Orka's fondue set measures 5-1/2 inches by 6-7/10 inches by 5-1/2 inches. It should be washed by hand. 
    Treat your bookclub, shower guests, or any party to a fun and yummy snack-chocolate fondue. Orka has taken a this retro dessert and served it up with modern style. Keep your melted chocolate warm without burning. Chocolate fondue sets include 1 ceramic fondue pot, 1 steel warming stand and 4 fondue forks. Add a warm hug of chocolate to cake, fruit, or your favorite cracker-you won't believe the endless possibities. Available in an array of fashon designs, you'll find the right one to fit your personality and home decor

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