• Out of the Cupboard and Onto the Bed: Practically Free Quilts from Your Fabric Stash

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    My dear quilting buddies,   These are STASH quilts not scrap quilts!  Scraps are the crumbs leftover from more important endeavors.  The fabrics in these quilts were lovingly selected to come home with me.  We quilters spend many delightful hours searching out the latest, greatest, most beautiful fabrics to add to our collections.   Building a stash of fabric is one of the first priorities for newly addicted quilters.  We learn right away the value of having a library of fabric at our fingertips.   And while I firmly believe that collecting fabric is reason enough to buy it, every now and then, our fabulous, precious fabrics cry out to be sewn.   As we grow and practice our art of quilting we sometimes find that it is necessary to edit our stash.  It may be that our taste in fabric is changing, or the style of quilting that makes our heart sing takes a new direction (and so does our fabric collecting).  Sometimes it is a simple case of running out of storage space.   My hope is that you will find a new home for some of your fabric stash, out of the cupboard, and onto the bed, for all the world to admire.   Piecefully yours,   Beth Ferrier
           Beth Ferrier is a highly experienced quilter who has a gift for teaching. She offers fun and informative classes and seminars for beginning and experienced quilters. Her original patterns are available in quilt shops around the world.  Beth has a degree in biological sciences and many credit hours in education classes.  She's the proud mom of four active boys and supported by the world's best husband, Kent.  Beth was given her first sewing kit in kindergarten, and has been putting needle to thread ever since.  A quilter since 1975,  it didn't take long for her to begin designing her own patterns.  A teacher by nature, it was only a matter of time before the quilting classes began.  "It's important to me that every student come away from my class eager for the next challenge.  I love what happens to a quilter's soul when she masters a new technique."  A class with Beth is always  great fun!

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