• P38-9 3/4" Sashimi Knife

    Chroma USA, Corp.

  • $119.95

  • Description

    Chroma Type 301 9 3/4" Sashimi Knife Designed by F.A. Porsche. Whether your interests are primarily in hobby or professional cooking, we have the right knife to suit your needs. A number of well-known professional gourmet chefs through the world use Chroma knives in their kitchens. The Chroma Type 301 Designed By F.A. Porsche 9 3/4" Sashimi Knife has an ergonomic handle with seamless transition from blade to handle. Special grinding method allows knife to stay sharp longer and is easily re-sharpened. A metal "pearl" clearly demarcates the end of the handle, for better control when cutting. Never place the knife in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry after every use. Only use wooden or plastic cutting boards, never marble or glass when cutting with a Type 301. Store the knife in a safe, secure manner, for example, in a knife block so the blade is not left exposed. Materials: Stainless-Steel. Dimensions: 15.75"L x 3"W x 2"H; Weight: 0.65 lbs

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