• Panama Tramp Steamer Sky Hook

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    Every single object fascinated and intrigued. I wanted to be a merchant prince. Which, many years later, is what I did, retracing the steps of Renaissance explorers and traders. Madras, Batavia, Edo, Peking in Marco Polo\'s Cathay...commissioning objects from gifted and skilled artisans working in far away lands. Like the Dutch merchant prince four centuries ago, focusing on unique products made with traditional skills. Fighting our culture\'s relentless \'progress\' towards mass produced blandness... One year\'s latest may be a hand made reproduction of a 1920s Bugatti playground racer. Next year is a collection of hand embroidered Central Asian wedding blankets. Timeless. Or a Cello Cabinet which looks like it\'s straight out of Dali\'s atelier. We want to surprise and impress. That\'s what we have done for over 35 years, and we will keep doing it. Haring L. Piebenga - Founder AM, Since 1968.

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