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    Kate Habershon is Food Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine in Britain. She has had an exciting food career - one that has taken her around the world. She worked for several years in Aspen, then was assigned to the British Embassy in Moscow to breathe a little life into the kitchen. For most of the last ten years, Kate worked in catering for motor sport, from motor bikes to Formula One. It was the perfect job for a food lover to experience the world's markets and restaurants (and racing circuits)first hand. Kate is now a food stylist and food editor: her work appears in many leading magazines and commercials and on television, including "Two Fat Ladies" and Jamie Oliver's "The Naked Chef". William Lingwood is one of Britian's best-known names in food photography and his work appears in magazines, books, and advertising campaigns. For Ryland Peters & Small he has photographed "Cool Cocktails", "Dim Sum", "Casseroles", "Juices and Tonics", "Salmon", "Pizza", "Pasta", "Fondue", and "Steaming".

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