• Paper Beads 6-copy display

    Klutz / Scholastic

  • $35.98

  • Description

    No one will guess these posh beads are made of paper. Paper Beads comes with 200 precut strips of beautifully designed paper in 22 colors and patterns and a custom tool for winding them into beads. Super-clear how-to's make it easy to create straight beads, round beads, simple beads, and fancy beads. A bottle of durable glaze gives each bead a polished finish, and inside the book, we show how to bring it all together in style. Supplies also include elastic cord and a selection of pretty glass accent beads.

    Comes With: 200 pieces of custom-designed paper strips, custom bead winding tool, elastic cord, beads, varnish, bead drying pedestal

    • Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun

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