• Pedaltrain VOLTO


  • $99.99

  • Description

    No one wants to deal with noisy AC pedal power supplies, but keeping your pedalboard powered by regular nine volts is a total pain, not to mention expensive. Enter the Pedaltrain Volto rechargeable battery power supply. Made from the same kind of 2000mA lithium-ion batteries you'll find in your smart phone, the Volto is small enough that you can mount it to the underside of your pedalboard, yet powerful enough to fuel your pedals for up to 36 hours straight. What's more, the Pedaltrain Volto comes with a nice selection of daisy-chainable power cables and a universal charger, so no matter where you go, you can get the noise-free pedal tone you need. Ditch your AC wall warts and order your Pedaltrain Volto from GearNuts.com today!

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