• Pediatric Universal Weighted Standard Holder

    Kinsman Enterprises

  • $25.69

  • Description

    The Pediatric Universal Weighted Holder provides a means to hold a wide variety of writing or marking devices. Use with a pen, pencil, marker or crayon to reduce trembling when writing. Added weight assists in stabilizing the hand for people with Parkinson?s disease or ataxia. Also helps those having difficulty in bearing down with a writing device. To secure the item in the holder, tighten each set screw evenly with the allen wrench that is included. To avoid damaging the item being held by the set screws do not over-tighten.Pediatric Universal Weighted Holder Standard Features:Holds most round or irregular shaped items to 5/16 inches.Helps reduce trembling when writing.Includes an allen wrench and a no. 2 pencil.Pediatric Universal Weighted Holder Standard Specifications:Length: 3.5 inches.Outer Diameter: 5/8 inch.Inside Diameter: 1/8 - 5/16 inch.Weight: 3.75 ounces.

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